Viral Art

Nachos are quite possibly the best tourist food to have ever been invented. Since their beginnings in 1943, they’ve taken many forms ― from your classic, neon-orange cheese-topped ballpark nachos […]

I sometimes believe that our greater culture likes being overly negative and pessimistic. We love over-criticizing everything, having no hope for beautiful things and losing fond admiration for the silly, […]

In Russia there is a dog that her owner sends to the nearest water pump to get the water. And the dog delivers water to her master.

Jordan Belamire has been sexually assaulted thrice. Twice in actuality, and once in virtual reality. Belamire who goes by an alias to protect her privacy, was playing a game called […]

Great big uninflated tennis ball for great big fetching fun. Jumbo ball is easy for your dog to carry in his mouth and then snaps back into shape for you […]

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